The Birthday Crafts

8 Mar

Well the Big Day has come and gone. It was so much fun! You know the event planner in me enjoyed so much making things for his Big Day!! So I decided to post on some of things I did for his Birthday Party as well as some other fun things that I found around town or online! If crafts bore you, then skip this one!

My inspiration came from a T-Shirt that my Aunt Karen (aka: Auntie Cupcake) bought Titus for Christmas.I loved the shirt so much that we themed the entire party around it. I found an etsy shop that sell items just like it. In fact the store my Aunt Karen bought this shirt from, I am pretty certain the etsy shop owner must sell her stuff there.  So the first find was the invite which we ordered from Mix Book. My Aunt Karen came all the way from Texas (AGAIN!) and took T-man’s One Year Shots. We used the shots  for the invite and at the party! She did a great job!

Front of the invitation w/ labels and envelopes.Back of InvitationOnce I got the invite I wanted all the colors of the party to match the invite. My Aunt found some great balloons at Captain Party that we used for the photo shoot. So I decided to bring those back, but just streamlined the colors a bit and added another texture color for dimension. I decided on Orange, Yellow, Green Swirl Balloons and then Brown w/ Polka Dots as the main color theme. I loved it!I The balloons make me happy and still do as I look at them while I am typing this. Aren’t balloons so much fun?Since I added the brown polka dot balloon I wanted that to continue through the party theme, but I could not find the exact style brown paper with white dots for placemats, etc. So I made them myself with a stencil and white stencil paint. Actually it took me maybe an hour while I watched The Bachelor or something to make 20 sheets.Once I had that down. I decided I wanted to start researching cake ideas. I really wanted to do a smash cake just cause I like the word SMASH CAKE. I mean doesn’t it roll of the tongue so deliciously? Anyway so I googled away and found this cake and these cupcakes for the rest of the party guests.

Smash Cake IdeaCupcake IdeaI sent the pictures of the cake ideas to one of my best friend’s neighbors Janelle Edlefsen who has her own Cake business called RAVE Cake Design out of Salem, VA. ( She did a phenomenal job of creating as close a duplicate as possible in the colors that matched his invite! I was floored!!

Actual Smash CakeActual Monster CupcakesI was so excited when they arrived at the party!

The next thing was finding Monster Images…I really wanted to have Silly Monster Stuff everywhere, but I kept it pretty under control in my personal opinion! HAHA! Anyway, I found a few ETSY shops that had pdf files you can purchase and print yourself it was perfect for me, because it saved me a step! So here is what I found…Pin the Eye on the CyclopsI found the party hats and name tags for the treat bags at this ETSY shop. They also had coloring sheets and extra circles with silly monsters on them.

Going this route saves you a ton of cash and you get to use your creative crafty side too! So I highly recommend ETSY Shops for things like this. Once I made those I have a “Blog Friend” that inspired me to do a couple more things. So I made some banners for our game, craft, welcome entrance and cake table! So I printed out circles with each letter and cut those out and glued them on ribbon. I think there is a Cricut Machine that would do this for me but I don’t have one of those so I cut them out myself.Next I wanted to find some items for the Gift Bags. I just used a brown paper bag and cut the top of with Pinking Shears to give it some monsterness. Added the ETSY shop tag and included these adorable lollipops from Oriental Trading Company.  Then I found some monster thimble puppets and staying in the Monster Theme I included Glow-In-The-Dark bracelets.I found the Thimble Monsters in the party section at Target and the glow bracelets at Captain Party where I got the balloons. Next I found these frame holders at Michael’s (another suggestion from my blog friend). I clipped pics on both sides and use them as centerpieces on the tables at the party. I also wanted to have a “Memory Piece” from Ti’s Birthday to put in his 12×12 coffee table book I am working on for his First Year. I thought I could just slip it in the back for him to have as a keepsake of the day. So I went to and printed out a 12×12 mostly blank page with Ti’s Birthday Pic in the corner. That way everyone could leave birthday wishes for him with a Sharpie. I placed it on the present table and everyone signed away! One of my favorite things that I came up with was making your own Tickle Monsters! My husband builds puppets for a living so we have plenty of fur laying around! So all I had to find were the gloves and the eyeballs! I made this sign to hang over the table. I found the gloves at . They were on clearance so they cost me next to nothing for a big bundle of them. I cut the tips off with pinking shears so you could see your fingers. Then I cut out pieces of fur from my husband’s puppet fabric stash. I found the eyeballs at Michael’s. Then you would glue them all together to make this!There was nothing cuter than seeing the kids run around tickling each other!

That’s it on the crafts! I had a ton of fun doing all these things for my little guy. He is a little young to enjoy it this year, but we wanted to celebrate with all our friends and family who helped pray with us, support us and love on us, when we didn’t think we would ever be able to have children! So this party was as much for them as it was for Titus.






7 Responses to “The Birthday Crafts”

  1. Karen March 8, 2011 at 3:04 am #

    why did that make me cry!

    • jehatter March 8, 2011 at 3:20 am #

      Because you had your hand all over it! We got your card today to by the way! Precious!!! Titus played with it for an hour!

  2. Julia March 8, 2011 at 3:13 am #

    You are my hero. Seriously amazing.

    • jehatter March 8, 2011 at 3:20 am #

      Ditto my sista!

  3. Shelly March 8, 2011 at 3:40 am #

    You are AMAZING!

  4. Karen March 8, 2011 at 4:17 am #


  5. Brandy October 11, 2011 at 3:40 am #

    How cute! You have great ideas and the cake and cupcakes are awesome!!

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